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Organising an Exhibition in the Southwest of WA

For several years I organised the Southwest Wedding Fair and The Gathering, two well attended bridal fairs in the Southwest of WA with up to 100 suppliers from around the region showcasing their services to people wanting to plan a wedding in the region.

As the exhibitor list grew, we expanded the event to have a selection of venues in the region open on the weekend of the expo as well. Having venue open on this weekend was a great choice as it made people come and stay in the region for two days and being able to peruse through venues gave them a real understanding of what the venue had to offer for their day.

The exhibitors /services were all housed at one venue Abbey Beach Resort in Busselton on the Sunday and the venues were open Saturday and Sunday.

Picking the right type of venue for this showcase is very important as you have several factors to consider:

  1. Weather - Due to the timing of the year we needed to be mindful of the weather. While September in the southwest is spring you could guarantee that it would rain some part of the day. Why didn’t we have the event on another month? Certain months of the year was not a good time to organise this type of event as wedding season in the Southwest was September through to November and then started again February through to April then over the winter months businesses would use this time to go on leave. I can be honest and say when organising this time of event you will never find a good time to organise as someone will be busy and cant attend (that’s part of event organising).
  2. Cover Needed – wedding dresses, cakes, food and photography services don’t fair well in sun and wind. We needed to choose a venue that had lots of undercover to protect the services goods. Abbey Beach Resort in Busselton was the ideal venue choice for this as it has a multitude of rooms to use to exhibit vendors. At the last event I held there I had over 80 services inside and then 20 services outside spread around the front and back in a marquee at Abbey Beach.
  3. Being Seen – Exhibitors had paid to attend the event so it is very important that they get positions around the venue where people would see there display and enquire about their business.
  4. Moving the event to another venue due to the way people where planning weddings. This is another part of event planning knowing when a current event has done its time and then changing it. That was when we moved the event to Black Brewing Co on Caves Road in the Margaret River Wine Region. This was more of a bespoke event and once again very successful with exhibitors and people attending. This was my last event.

This type of event takes many hours to organise – we had to canvas businesses to be a part of the event ( lucky for me I had a very larger email database to refer too because of my wedding directory), do a complete floor plan, organise a bridal fashion parade, food for vendors and guests visiting the day, organise staffing for the day, promote the event, setup on the day, pack down and then after the event get feedback.

If you would like to host a exhibitor style event in the Southwest and have many services that you would like to showcase speak to us about organising this for you – whether it be Abbey Beach Resort or another venue. As we have a very good understanding of the types of details you need to make this event successful.

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