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Why we do site inspections on venues before booking?

While I have a very good database of venues at hand, when we do our client’s pre-event planning every event or meeting has a different need and we need to accommodate these details to make the experience or program work.

No matter what type of event I always like to visit the venue to make sure that it is how I need it to work for my client’s event. Even if I have used that venue before, in the past 12 months I will still inspect the venue. Staff changes and venue changes can bring a whole new way the venue will run, and I want to make sure that these relationships are built so I know the type of people I’ll be working with during the event planning and on the day.

While on site visits are conducted, I like to take photos of every aspect of the venue, so I have these on had to refer too when I’m working on the planning of the event back in my office. An aerial photo of the whole venue is great, and I love venues that have these. Especially for events that require movement around the whole area.

Plus doing a walk through over the grounds and how the program/event is going to run from start to finish gives me an idea of any problems that need to be sorted before the day. Where will I put that marquee so when the sun sets everyone is not sitting in the hot sun. Is the carparking area location safe, do I need to move this to another location as I have guests that may cross this area with small children. By doing a walk though I’m thinking on my feet.

We (myself and the client) have even made the decision to not use certain venues because they do not meet the needs of the event. Therefore, site inspections are so important.

Photo Credit : Ben Yew Photography

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